DIY Bracelets Designs

DIY bracelets can be fun to do at home. Whether for men or women, designs are all determined based on preferences and requirements. Jewelry has been one of trends. It adds value to human’s body with elegance and attractiveness. There are different kinds of jewelry to wear and bracelet is simplest but can be expensive […]

How to Make a Bracelet out of Yarn

How to make a bracelet? It would be fun! It is a rewarding hobby to learn and do at home. Playing with creativity is allowed since you are the mastermind. Materials like string, rubber and beads are most commonly used in the making of bracelet jewelry. What kind of one that you want to make? […]

Couple Bracelets with Charms

Days are always special with couple bracelets! Personalized silver bracelet jewelry has become a trendy fashion these days. Interested? I bet you are! To any couple, Valentine day is most awaited occasion in all years. Whether for husbands and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends, giving something to their couple has always been a tradition of […]

David Yurman Cable Bracelets

Hollywood stars & celebrities are interested in David Yurman bracelets. Pricey designs and affordable versions are offered to many customers in the world. From $300 to thousands of Dollars of bracelets crafted by David Yurman have been taking the market as one of most wonderful things in jewelry business. Many replicas of his jewelry are […]

Silver Charm Bracelets

Silver is a precious metal in jewelry business. Silver bracelets are popular always both for men and women. 5 most popular designs are reviewed here. Sterling silver or so called standard silver is an alloy which consists of 7.5% copper and 92.5% silver. This alloy is harder than pure its version. Sterling silver has thin […]

Men Diamond Bracelets

Men bracelets are available in different choices. Material, link set and design are most considerable values when choosing the bracelet jewelry. Materials of bracelets for men are most commonly leather. Leather is a simple and affordable material although there are others that have higher quality even with luxury. Beads, silver and even diamond are optional […]

Leather Bracelets for Men Engraved

Varieties and types of bracelets for men have been in fashion lately. They are affordable but fashionable as jewelry that adds value to hand and overall look. Leather bracelets have been popular with boosts both physically and psychologically. Leather cuffs are most common but now available in different design options as well. Men can choose […]

Gold Bracelets for Men Tanishq

Fantastic gold bracelets for men are so special beside of just becoming jewelry that adds value of hand. Many ways to personalize the bracelet for men and gold is a great one. Minimalist and funky bracelets for men made of gold can also be a great way to feature elegance. The jewelry will draw attention, […]

Imitation Cartier Love Bracelet

Classical designs of love bracelet from Cartier have been inspiring couples with eternal promise of LOVE. They are surely representing true love. The most attractive character is shown by pretty screw pattern with 2 semi-circle shapes. They are holding tightly each other while the whole circle seems harmonious. They truly describe two sweethearts together after […]

Bracelet with Charms Fashions

People love to have something unique. Aren’t you included? Unique bracelet charms have become a fashion these days, aren’t you interested? The very best way to start when searching the design is based on your own tastes. There are now easy to find and easy to do it yourself bracelets with charms in fashions. Large […]